Argan Oil: An Amazing Moisturizer with Multiple Uses

argan oil

By Sophie Beador

Argan oil is a substance that is extracted from the argan tree which is native to the country, Morocco. It has many uses, but in our case we’ll stick the cosmetic ones. Argan oil is used to treat parts of the body such as the hair, cuticles, the face using a serum, and the whole body in the form of massaging oil. Made up of vitamin e, fatty acids, and proteins, argan oil provides a healthy product to be absorbed easily into the skin; it makes the conditioning, healing, and anti-aging properties in your skin stronger.

My mom and I not only use argan oil for our skin, but as a substitute makeup remover. We find that it takes off every component of our makeup without difficulty. To remove makeup, you start by squirting the oil on your hand and rubbing it gently on the eyelid and eyelashes. (Here’s a tip: When rubbing on eyelashes, rub gently to prevent wrinkles in the future!)

Not only do we use argan oil for makeup remover, but we use it as a facial serum as well. To apply the serum, squirt the bottle twice into the hand and rub onto it on the face, neck, and upper chest. We apply the oil every morning and night before moisturizing for added hydration. Remember, the skin is your biggest organ, so when picking a brand of argan oil, try to find an organic one!
Argan oil is an inexpensive method of keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. Today, it can be found in many health food stores, supermarkets, and drug stores near you!

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