Put Cream on Your Elbows!


When my mother was a child, she as obsessed with putting cream on her elbows! Yet she never told my siblings and I!! Unless you look behind your body in the mirror, you don’t see your elbows and today, David and I have a gray circle there! It is not pretty!

I tell my children that each morning they should put their organic skin cream on each elbow. Everyone is so concerned with looking young today, and I have to say that David and my elbows don’t look young at all. In fact, you should put an organic and non-tocis lotion on your legs and arms each today to keep your skin moisturized and looking young. Such a simple task that only takes a minute to do. But if you don’t take the time to apply the cream, you will suffer. Look at David and my elbows! You do not want this!!!

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