Put Cream on Your Elbows!


When my mother was a child, she as obsessed with putting cream on her elbows! Yet she never told my siblings and I!! Unless you look behind your body in the mirror, you donโ€™t see your elbows and today, David and I have a gray circle there! It is not pretty!

I tell my children that each morning they should put their organic skin cream on each elbow. Everyone is so concerned with looking young today, and I have to say that David and my elbows donโ€™t look young at all. In fact, you should put an organic and non-tocis lotion on your legs and arms each today to keep your skin moisturized and looking young. Such a simple task that only takes a minute to do. But if you don’t take the time to apply the cream, you will suffer. Look at David and my elbows! You do not want this!!!

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